You Have To Fully Understand What Having a “Target Market” Means To Your Success

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What is the definition of marketing? True marketing is the art of finding people who are already looking for or already need to find a way to solve a problem or attain a goal, then presenting them, in a non-threatening but persuasive manner, with information that solves their problem or shows them how to attain that goal.

Let's see if you get this? If you opened a hamburger restaurant that had the best burgers in town by far, the cheapest prices of everyone, the friendliest service, and you were located on the highest trafficked street in the area, I could open a hamburger restaurant, without any of those benefits, and out sell you 20 to 1 if I just had one thing.

What’s that one thing? A location close to an out of the way factory with a crowd of hungry workers every day, just dying for something to eat. That’s “Target Marketing”. You need to locate and focus your efforts on a “hungry crowd”, and if you know how to "market", you'll have people asking to join you without having to do any "selling".

Trying to get aunt Betty interested in your MLM opportunity, when she has not expressed any desire or need to earn extra money, or to start her own business, would be like trying to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Good luck! You need an MLM lead system that delivers targeted Network Marketing leads to you on a regular basis. I have such a system for myself, and can show you how to do the same.

The most important lesson you can learn in regard to target marketing is, you should only talk to people who have raised their hand and want what you have to offer.

Look at it this way, if you were a college football recruiting scout, would you be looking for very athletic high school kids who play any sport, including baseball and basketball, or would you be looking for the best high school football players?

The answer is obvious, it’s football players. Yes, it’s true that you could teach a very athletic basketball player to like and play football, but it would be a long and difficult task. So you shouldn’t be trying to recruit someone just because they crossed your path.

Since we’re discussing the subject of Network Marketing prospecting, let me warn you to be very careful about using MLM genealogy leads to prospect for recruits. The theory is that they are "Targeted Leads" because they are already trained and motivated, they just need a new home because their company went out of business.

Well, in reality, the information on these lists is usually not up to date, and typically contains a huge number of distributors who have been inactive for some time. Additionally, the contact information on many people is also outdated, and of course you have to be concerned about being fined under the Federal No Call provisions. Since these lists have usually been sold several times. you also have to expect that you'll screamed at because you are the 15th person that called them in the last few weeks. So beware of using these lists.

And while we’re on this subject, you should also know that there is a big difference between an opportunity seeker and a business builder. A lot of opportunity seekers are looking for an easy and quick way to get rich, that does not exist unless you win the lottery, while a business builder is willing to learn the necessary skills and put in the time and effort required to gain MLM success. If you are a business builder, I can teach you the skills you need to be successful.

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