You Have To Become a Student Of Marketing And/Or Find Someone Who Can Teach You

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Marketing is the life-blood of any successful business. Without good marketing, it doesn’t matter how great your product might be, it’ll just sit there gathering dust. Or in the case of your “super duper” business opportunity, it won’t get a second look.

But don’t confuse “marketing” with “selling”, they are two completely different animals. Selling is the art of persuading someone to buy something they might not have otherwise bought, whereas, marketing is the art of providing a solution to someone who has a problem, in such a manner as to motivate them to want and purchase that solution. If you don’t understand the difference, or know how to put it into practice, I have become an expert at marketing and I can teach you how.

I could deliver 100 units of the greatest new electronic device to your home tomorrow, and unless you knew how to “market” them, you wouldn’t make very much money. You see, the money is not just in the product, no matter how great it is, the money is in knowing how to market it.

You see, MLM products don’t sell themselves, no matter what you’ve been told. It’s an MLM myth. Want proof? I dare you to order $10,000 worth of your MLM company’s flagship product, that I’m sure you think is absolutely fantastic, and see if you can sell it. I guarantee you’ll stick it in your garage and stare at it till the cows come home, but you won’t be able to sell much of it.

And the same principle applies to "selling" your MLM opportunity. Would you prefer to try to convince people to join your opportunity, or would you prefer to have people realize that it is the solution to their financial problem, and want to join with you? I think the answer is obvious! That's the difference between "selling" and "marketing".

Most MLM training has been based on “over coming objections” and on “closing techniques”, but unless you are a very talented sales person, and can recruit other equally talented sales people, you’ll never build a MLM down-line of any real size using those strategies. That’s old-school MLM training. I want to give you new-school MLM training where no sales skills are necessary to be successful, just good marketing.

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