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You Need To Make and Keep These MLM Resolutions If You Want To Achieve MLM Sucess

If you’ve read all the information provided on this site, you should now know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and what works or doesn’t work, when it comes to seeking MLM success.

You have no excuses whatsoever for continuing to make mistakes. It's time to turn over a new leaf in life and finally achieve the success you desire. If you really want MLM success, starting right now, you should make the following resolutions.

These Should Be Your New MLM Resolutions:
  • You will NEVER again be a gambler and most likely waste your time, effort, and money by promoting any MLM Program that has NOT been operating for at least three years, no matter how enticing the “ground floor’ opportunity sounds.(If you don’t yet know why you should do this, see "MLM Company Test" for the reason)

  • You will NEVER again approach or harass your family or friends and try to convince them to join your MLM opportunity. You will only discuss your opportunity with people who have first indicated that they have an interest.

  • You will NEVER again try to “sell” your opportunity to anyone. You will instead try to help them to solve the problems that they have confided in you that they have.

  • You will NEVER again spend your money and other precious resources just on traditional methods of recruiting that are obsolete and don't work as well any longer in today's market-place, just because the majority are unsuccessfully using these techniques.

  • You will NEVER again believe that it is possible to recruit five people who will each recruit five people, who will each do likewise, without the benefit of a workable, proven and easily duplicable system designed to achieve that result.

  • You will NEVER again participate in pyramid schemes, no matter how well they are disguised, or in "gifting" programs and other worthless plans pretending to be legitimate Network Marketing opportunities, no matter how lucrative the promoters make them sound.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now free of the chains that bound you and prevented you in the past from reaching your goals. You now know the truth about MLM, and, if you wish, I can provide you with the necessary MLM success training to help you reach those goals.

(Click here for a Free Report to start your MLM re-education)