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Who Is Gordon Roberts?

  Hi, and welcome. I'm Gordon Roberts, the creator and   publisher of this web site, and I sincerely hope youíll   benefit from the information Iíve provided.

  I've been involved in the Network Marketing Industry   for over 17 years, and one of the most important   things you should know about me is that I love MLM,   and have a passion for the business, and being able   to assist others and play a part in their success still remains the most satisfying of all my accomplishments. Success in Network Marketing is not about selling, it's about building relationships, and I truly enjoy helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Iíve lived in South Florida for the last 31 years, enjoying the sand, palm trees, and warm weather, with my wife and two daughters. We also have two dogs and a cat that are a part of the family. The previous dog we had for over 13 years, died of cancer a couple of years ago, and we adopted our current two dogs from the humane society shortly after that to save them from likely death

I get a tremendous thrill out of my hobby of auto racing. I have been a member of the Sports Car Club of America (S.C.C.A.) for a long time, and have raced on the road circuits at Daytona Beach, Sebring, and Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach Florida. I donít like to blow my own trumpet, so please donít think Iím boasting, but Iím proud of the fact that I have been the Regional Champion of the year in my class in two different years.

When I started out in MLM, my situation probably wasnít much different from where youíre at today. I was told to make a list of everyone I knew, including friends, family, business contacts, and service people like my dry cleaner, etc., and try to get them interested in joining the MLM program. I was even given a two page list of occupations and descriptions of different types of people in order to ďjogĒ my memory when making my list. As you can imagine, I was not very successful using that strategy.

I was also told at different times over the years to mail postcards, call leads, place ads, etc., with similar limited results. Well, needless to say, Iíve come a long way since then. I made many mistakes along the way at the advice of supposedly smarter people, and suffered a lot of rejection before I learned the REAL truth about achieving MLM success. Now I want to help you.

Iím known throughout the Industry for sharing my unique and effective insights and strategies by way of the numerous articles that I have written. Iíve occasionally even been ahead of my time, as some of my ideas had to be effectively implemented by me before they were embraced by others.

I believe that most people never reach the peak of their abilities, and never fully use the God given talent that they have received. If they would only strive to develop that talent, and learn the necessary skills, instead of losing hope and giving up too soon, MLM success and the income and lifestyle they desire would automatically follow.

Iím on a mission to teach as many people as possible the strategies and skills they need to achieve success in Network Marketing, and I hope you are one of those that I will have an opportunity to help.

Yours for success


Contact Information

E-mail Address: gordon@mlm-success-training-101.com
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Phone Number: (954) 537-3446

Address: 4700 N. State Road 7, Suite105, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33319