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Direct Mail
MLM Recruiting Tips

 Whether you’re trying to recruit MLM distributors over the Internet  by driving targeted traffic to your web site, or by regular offline  methods, the effective use of direct mail is critical to your success.  Depending on how much you can afford to spend, you can reach thousands of potential MLM distributors with your offer, instead of just the few people you know or meet.

Additionally, if you have Direct Mail recruiting tools that work, you can more easily duplicate your efforts and build a large MLM downline because the distributors in your organization will not need to have to reinvent the wheel. They can simply follow the "cookie cutter" directions you provide for them.

The problem is that most people who try to recruit in this way, don't have a clue about how to do it properly. They bumble through some feeble, misguided effort that fails, and then quit in disgust and disappointment. This vital information will stop you from making some of the same mistakes that doom most Network Marketing distributors.

One Step v/s Two Step
The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to use the "one step" or the "two step" method. In the "one step" method, you mail sales material directly to a prospect you obtained from a mailing list broker, referral, or personal contact, in the hope of convincing them to join your program.

In the "two step" method, you generally use a post card mailer (or you can use a classified or display ad in a targeted publication) to generate interest and desire for further details or to convince them to visit your web site to request more information.

Then, if you’re offering additional information by mail, you mail them your sales material. Understand that in this method, the first of the two steps is ONLY to arouse interest, NOT to sell them on your offer. If you have a very qualified list of prospects, the "one step" method can be very effective, although more costly up front. The "two step" method allows you to separate the worms from the apples, and send your sales materials only to interested prospects.

How To Create “Magnetic” Envelopes
If you're mailing your sales material to a prospect in the "two step" method, you don't need any sophisticated envelope strategies because they asked for you to send it to them. Simply hand print or rubber stamp in bold red letters, "HERE IS THE INFORMATION YOU REQUESTED"

If you're using the "one step" method, the envelope is your first hurdle.. You'll have about 10 to 15 seconds to subconsciously convince the prospect to open the envelope and read your letter instead of throwing it away as just another piece of "junk mail". Some will open it and some won't, and you want to maximize the "wills". Here are some vital points to learn.

  • It's been proven time and time again that hand written addresses are the most effective, followed by type written, then computer generated, and then labels. Of course it's usually much too time consuming to do what is best, so we'll have to make it up in some other way.
  • When using first class stamps, use commemorative issues. They cost the same but draw more attention than regular stamps.
  • Your return address should not have your name or Company's name, just the address. And don't use labels or rubber stamps for your return address. It's a dead give-away that you're a beginner and an amateur, and a cheap one at that. No one wants to be sponsored by such a person.
  • Don't use envelope "teasers" (i.e. words or phrases on the outside of the envelope designed to illicit interest in the contents). These used to work years ago, but are only effective now in very rare and unusual cases.
  • Use a standard number 10 business size envelope, or if your offer or budget warrants it, a 9 X 12 or a 6 X 9 size envelope. Never use a small personal size envelope.
  • If you're using labels, make sure that they are affixed in a straight manner, not slapped on any-which-way.
  • The "Urgent" and “Express” envelopes were great when they were first introduced, but now that everyone and their brother is using them, their extra effectiveness is in doubt, and they may not be worth the additional expense.
How To Package The Contents For The Greatest Impact
How do you open an envelope? Most people hold it with the address facing away from them and the flap facing them. Your sales material should be folded so that the first thing they see as they remove it from the envelope is the headline or text that will have the most emotional impact, and literally make them want to read the rest of it.

Don't forget that as they open the envelope to extract the materials, there are 3 things going through their minds.
1) What the heck is this and who sent it to me?"
2) Is it something that can benefit me in some way?"
3) Do I have the time or the desire to read it right now?"

If you don't win this battle in the first few seconds of opening the envelope, it may be dumped in the garbage and your shot at even presenting your offer will be lost.

How To Chose A Responsive Mailing List
There is no magic formula to picking a great mailing list. Unless you know someone who has done a lot of testing themselves and can recommend a list to you, you'll have no choice but to test,...test,...test. Too many people buy a list because it is cheap and they think they are saving money. Nothing could be furthest from the truth.

It's the biggest mistake you could make. When you're spending $230 per thousand in postage for postcards or $410 per thousand in postage for letters, plus the printing costs, why would you want to try to save $20 or $30 on the mailing list if that could mean wasting all the rest of the money you're spending? So don’t buy a list simply because of the low price. And here are a few other things you should not do:

  • Don't purchase "Opportunity Seekers" names as these people may or may not like or understand MLM, and may just be looking for some non-existent "Instant Easy Riches" plan. Instead, try to find a list of people who have previously spent money on something related to Network Marketing, such as a Network Marketing opportunity, or a book or CD.
  • Never buy from a list broker who will not refund you postage for non-deliverable names, but instead gives you replacement names. If the first batch is no good, why would you want more of the same? The only exception to this is if you know for sure that the list broker is very reputable, and that they “clean” their list of undeliverable names on a regular basis.
  • Don't buy from a list broker with a very high minimum order. They may know that their names are of poor quality and you won't be back for more, and figure they might as well hit you good up front. The only exception to this rule is if you know for sure that the list is exactly what you want, and you can’t find a similar quality list for a lesser quantity anywhere else. In any case, do NOT mail the entire list at once. Make a test mailing first to determine the response rate.
And here are a few questions you should ask the List Broker before shelling out your money:
  • How long ago did the people on the list take the related action, or make the related expenditure? (You want names that are preferably no more than a year or two old, butthe more recent the better).
  • Are the names guaranteed 100% deliverable and do they offer a cash postage refund for undeliverable names? (You want both, but remember even the best lists will have some undeliverable names. (Up to 7% undeliverable names is acceptable).
  • How many new names are added each month, and how many total names do they have available that are no more than one or two years old? Ask these two questions at different times of the conversation to check on the list broker. If the total number available is more than the number of new names per month multiplied by the number of months in the maximum age of the list, you're dealing with a liar, so hang up and move on to the next broker.

No matter how diligent you are in choosing your list sources, you will still have to test, test, test. And remember there is no guarantee the list broker will give you honest answers to your questions. Try at least 3 sources, code your mailings so that you know what list the responses come from.

If you’re using the mailing to drive targeted traffic to your web site, purchase a new “Forwarded URL” for about $10 per year for each list you want to test, and you can track exactly where your traffic is coming from. Use the best list while you continue to test other lists to try to find a better one. Keep clear accurate records so that you know exactly what your results are with each one.

But there is other information you need to know, and other skills you must learn, so click below to continue your MLM education.

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